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Posted on 11-21-2016

Signs of a Bladder Infection: When To See Your Solomons Vet

Certain factors may increase the risk of your dog or cat suffering a bladder infection. Females are more prone to bladder infections due to hormones and pregnancy. Animals with depleted immune systems due to advanced age, chronic illnesses such as diabetes or cancer or severe oral infections are often diagnosed with a bladder infection. Overweight dogs and cats unable to adequately groom and clean their genital area, incontinent pets and pets with untreated bladder stones are at a higher risk for developing bladder infections.

dog with bladder infection before seeing solomons vet

Symptoms of a Bladder Infection in Dogs and Cats Seen By Your Solomons Veterinarian

If your pet presents one or more of the following symptoms, please bring him in to be examined by our veterinarian at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center:

  • Frequent urination (having accidents or urinating in odd places)

  • Straining to urinate (continuing to act like they are urinating when nothing is being eliminated)

  • Traces of blood in urine

  • Strong, foul odor to their urine

  • Vocalizing while urinating (whining or meowing may indicate they are in pain)

Pets with bladder infections may eat very little, appear lethargic and run low-grade fevers as well. Some animals have bladder infections without showing any symptoms until the infection is severe. This is one of many reasons why your pet should receive a wellness check at least once a year.

How Your Solomons Veterinarian Diagnoses Bladder Infections in Dogs and Cats

Urine testing and analysis will give your vet the evidence needed to detect and begin treating a bladder infection. A painless procedure called a cystocentesis withdraws a urine sample from your pet's bladder that is then examined for bacteria infection. If infection is discovered, your vet will prescribe antibiotics appropriate for eliminating the infection. Neglecting to address a bladder infection can cause your pet to experience weight loss, chronic pain and damage to their kidneys and urinary tract.

Contact Your Solomons Veterinarian Today to Learn More!

If you suspect your pet has a bladder infection, please call Solomons Veterinary Medical Center today to ask any questions you have and schedule an appointment!

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