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Posted on 04-24-2017

5 Reasons You Should Spay Your Pet

At the Solomons Veterinary Medical Center in Solomons, MD, our vet staff provides safe, effective, and affordable spay and neuter procedures for cats and dogs in our area. If you're a pet owner and have been on the fence about getting your animal companion spayed, keep reading to learn more about this beneficial procedure and why we recommend it. 

Pet Spaying in Solomons

What Is Spaying? 

Spaying an animal (alternatively called "neutering" in male dogs and cats) is a surgical procedure in which the internal reproductive organs are removed. This includes the ovaries and uterus in female animals and the testes in male animals. 

A spay or neuter procedure effectively renders your pet sterile. This means that your pet will not be able to produce offspring. It also means that female cats and dogs won't go into heat.

5 Benefits Of Getting Your Pet Spayed With A Solomons Vet

Choosing to get your pet spayed (or neutered) is just that--a choice. As such, our Solomons vet staff respects your right as a pet owner to make informed decisions about your pet's health. However, we strongly encourage all pet parents to consider getting their animal companions spayed. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Spaying and neutering help prevent pet overpopulation and reduces the burden on your community caused by unwanted kittens and puppies. Millions of dogs and cats are sent to shelters every year, where, sadly, some are euthanized. 
  2. Spaying reduces your veterinary bills associated with pet pregnancies and other issues related to reproductive health. 
  3. A spayed animal tends to live longer and may have less of a risk of certain health conditions including reproductive cancers.
  4. Spayed and neutered animals tend to show fewer undesirable behaviors such as roaming, aggression, excessive licking, and territorial marking.
  5. Because spayed females don't go into heat, you won't have to worry about the mess associated with cat or dog menstruation. 

Is It Time To Have Your Cat Or Dog Spayed? Call Our Solomons Veterinarian Staff Today

Our Solomons, MD veterinarian staff is full of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly local vets with decades of experience and lots of love for their jobs. We're happy to answer your questions about spay and neuter surgery, including when to bring your pet in for the procedure. We can also help you schedule a pet wellness exam or give you more information about our other veterinary services. Call us today at (410) 326-4300. 


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