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Posted on 06-27-2016

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer in Solomons

During the summer, pets can suffer from heat-related injuries, heat illness and heat stroke. At Solomons Veterinary Medical Center in Solomons, MD, we help educate pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets safe during the summer months. The following tips will help you keep your pet cool and help your pet avoid heat-related health problems this season.


Never leave your pet in a parked car

It can be tempting to run into a grocery store or a friend's house while your pet is in the car, but vehicles can very quickly become dangerously hot for pets. Even on relatively cool summer days, a parked car can be a dangerous place for your pet. Never assume your pet is safe in the car, even with the windows cracked. Take your pet inside or drop your pet off at home.

Provide your pet with adequate shelter from the sun

Outdoor pets aren't impervious to summer heat. Provide your outdoor pet with a cover for shade, cool water to drink and shelter with good air flow.

Leave your air conditioner turned on for your indoor pet

You don't have to keep your home as cool as you keep it for yourself, but you should still leave your air conditioner turned on when you go to work for the day.

Avoid going for walks in extreme heat

Pets have thick paws, but they can still be burned by hot pavement on a summer day. Avoid taking your pet for a walk when the temperatures outside reach extremes.

Contact Solomons Veterinary Medical Center in Solomons, MD

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