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Posted on 09-26-2016

Our Solomons Veterinarians Celebrate World Rabies Day

Our Solomons Veterinarians celebrate World Rabies Day this September 28. Rabies kills pets and people. We invite you to join us in celebrating World Rabies Day and acting to reduce the incidence of rabies worldwide by learning what you need to know about rabies in the U.S.

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Our Solomons Vet Explains What You Need to Know About Rabies

According to the Center for Disease Control, rabies increased in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by 2.83 percent from 2013 to 2014. Rabies is still a large problem, and it's important to reduce the transmission of this disease before it kills your pets or endangers your family members. 

Wild animals, particularly raccoons, carry most of the cases of rabies in the United States. When wild animals fight with dogs and cats, they pass rabies on to domestic animals from biting or scratching. Your pets can die if they are not vaccinated. Our Solomons vet recommends keeping your pet indoors or only letting them out on a leash when you can control them, as this is one of the best ways to prevent rabies. Limiting their exposure to wildlife reduces the risk of getting rabies. 

While there is a human rabies treatment protocol, the disease is often fatal if treatment is not undertaken quickly. 

Pet rabies vaccines come in 1-year and 3-year versions. Both protect your pet by exposing them to a de-activated version of the virus, so they produce rabies antibodies. This is the same way human vaccines work. 

Symptoms of Rabies

Symptoms of rabies in cats and dogs include:

  • Change in their usual behavior

  • Acting highly aggressive

  • Acting weak, paralyzed, or uncoordinated

  • Frothy saliva

  • Fear of water

  • Dropping their jaw

  • If your pet shows these symptoms, it is important for your health and the health of your pet to see our vet right away! 

See Our Solomons Vet

Is your pet due for a rabies vaccination, or for anything else? Make an appointment with our vet here at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center by completing the form on our website or calling us at (410) 394-3117.

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