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Solomons Veterinary Medical Center: Emergency & Urgent Care FAQ

Q.  Is emergency veterinary service available 24 hours a day?

A.  A doctor on our emergency veterinary team and support staff are available during regular business hours through the week and extended hours on Saturday and Sunday. We refer immediate care needs after hours to Allied Partners Veterinary Emergency Services in Huntington at (410) 535-9722.

Q.  Does the clinic treat all animals?

A.  Urgent care services are available for cats, dogs, rabbits, and pocket pets (sugar gliders, hamsters, etc.). Pet owners who have large and/or exotic animals should call the medical center for information about treatment and available community services.

Q.  How are urgent care and emergency care different?

A.  Life-threatening injuries or illnesses require immediate treatment. Urgent cases should be seen as soon as practical, but the timing isn’t as critical as it is in emergencies. For example, if your pet ingests a toxic substance, is hit by a car or experiences severe burns, every minute counts. Urgent cases may include a fracture or other injury that is producing pain, but doesn’t require immediate attention to prevent loss of life.

People living in Brooms Island, Lusby, Port Republic, St. Leonard, St. Mary’s, Dowell and California, MD, should contact Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital (M.A.S.H.) at (410) 414-8250 for overnight and after hours weekend emergencies outside Solomons scheduled hours.

Q.  Do I have to call ahead before I bring my injured pet to the medical center?

A.  No. Stabilize your pet before transporting him or her to the medical center. When you arrive, go immediately to the reception desk and explain your pet’s illness or injury. The next available veterinarian will see your pet between scheduled appointments, based on urgency and the types of cases ahead of you waiting for treatment. The receptionist will provide an approximate wait time and care instructions during the wait period.

Q.  Does Solomons Emergency Veterinary Medical Center provide ambulance services?

A.  No. Pet owners who have chronically, or terminally, ill pets are encouraged to discuss transportation procedures and preparedness measures with one of our Solomons Emergency Veterinary Medical Center veterinarians before an emergency situation arises.

Q.  Will you bill my pet insurance company?

A.  We understand that emergency situations are stressful enough without worrying about your budget. Our payment options include: cash, checks, and all major credit cards, when services are rendered. We also accept CareCredit cards, and we will assist you to apply by phone or online. Most pet insurance policies are designed to reimburse the pet owner and not the urgent care provided.

Q.  Will I have to take my pet to another veterinarian for follow-up care and treatment?

A.  Our veterinarians are fully trained to diagnose and treat medical pet emergencies and provide emergency after-care. If your pet needs specialized post-surgical treatment or therapy, the treating veterinarian will discuss options with you while you are in the hospital.

If you have questions about Solomons Veterinary Medical Center, please call (410) 326-4300.