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Veterinarians in Solomons Provide Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Care

Solomons Veterinary Medical Center offers both urgent care and emergency veterinarian care for animals in the neighborhoods of Brooms Island, Dowell, Lusby, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD. The animal hospital is open six days a week and has veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians available to treat pet emergencies during office hours. The vet office is equipped with the latest technology, including laser surgery and an in-house pharmacy, to provide the best and most modern veterinary care. The vet office also administers ultrasounds to quickly diagnose and begin treatment for ill or injured pets. Concerned pet owners should contact the office immediately for any pet emergency or if they believe their animal needs urgent care.

emergency vet careThe doctors and veterinary staff at the Solomons animal hospital center are prepared to handle urgent veterinary care situations. Urgent care situations refer to pet conditions that are not life-threatening to the animal but need to be addressed before the next available appointment. The veterinarians will work to get the animal seen in between other scheduled appointments. Pet owners are asked to alert the receptionist to the urgent care situation and will receive instructions and be given an estimate on how long the animal will be waiting to see the vet. The animal clinic cares for dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets. Owners of exotic pets are asked to contact the vet for information on the veterinary care of exotics.

Emergency Veterinary Care Offered at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center During Business Hours

A pet emergency is not limited to but can include any of the following: rat or mouse bait poisoning, chocolate or foreign object ingestion, being hit by a car, or any other traumatic event that injures the animal. Calling ahead will alert the staff to the emergency situation and the staff member can advise pet owners on how to get to the animal center, which is near St. Mary's in Solomons. During an emergency pet situation, a veterinarian and several vet technicians work together to save the pet's life and help relieve the pet's pain. The veterinarians are trained in emergency surgery and the most recent medical technology to handle unexpected pet accidents and emergencies.

st_marys_veterinarian.jpgFor emergency and urgent pet care needs outside of Solomons Veterinary Medical Center's hours, please call the Allied Partners Veterinary Emergency Services (APVES) at (410) 535-9722. The Allied Partners Veterinary Emergency Services is an emergency vet service that operates out of the Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) located in Huntingtown and is open after hours every weekday and all day and night during weekends. The veterinarians at Solomons Vet refer all after-hour pet emergencies in Brooms Island, Dowell, Lusby, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Marys, and California, MD directly to MASH. The Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital has state-of-the-art emergency, critical and intensive care medicine and surgery and is trusted by the veterinarians at the Solomons veterinary office.

Pet owners wanting more information about urgent and emergency vet care should contact Solomons Veterinary Medical Center directly at (410) 326-4300.