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What to Expect

new dog patient at veterinarian in Solomons, MD

Your pet is a valued member of your family, and you expect the best of care when choosing a pet hospital. Our caring and committed staff is dedicated to providing you with extraordinary veterinary treatment in a professional environment. Our state of the art equipment allows us to diagnose and treat your pet in the most thorough and effective way possible. Along with our caring team, our group of pet-loving veterinarians are ready to give your pet the healthy lifestyle it deserves.

Our Veterinarians Offer List of Services for Solomons, Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD

The most important service our veterinary team provides is the pet wellness exam. When pets come in for checkups on a regular basis we're able to diagnose and treat many health problems before they become serious issues. This is a complete physical exam covering everything from nose to tail, including your pet's outer fur and skin and internal organs. We'll monitor your pet for life-altering conditions such as obesity and old age, and will advise you on nutritional and lifestyle changes that can give your pet a healthier life.

Pet dental exams can discover a long list of diseases and physical problems. We'll check your pet's teeth, gums, and tongue, looking for redness or swelling in the soft tissue and loose or missing teeth. Bad breath isn't an inevitable part of a pet's life -- in many cases extremely bad breath can be a sign of a serious illness. If you're not already brushing or cleaning your cat's or dog's teeth, our veterinarians will show you how to do it and advise you on frequency and things to look for while you're doing the cleaning.

Vaccines are a crucial part of an annual pet exam. Here in Maryland the law states that pets must be vaccinated against rabies by the age of 4 months, and then again on a yearly basis. Other vaccines are required for your pet to live a healthy lifestyle. Core vaccines, those that are necessary for every pet, are generally given during an annual pet wellness exam. Non-core vaccines, those that are only needed due to environment or lifestyle, are given on a case-by-case basis.

Here at the Solomons Veterinary Medical Center we're prepared to perform veterinary surgery, both scheduled and emergency. Our veterinarians can to emergency surgery on dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets of the surrounding areas of Solomons, Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD. The most common surgery we do on pets is spaying and neutering, and we recommend this treatment for all puppies and kittens that aren't show quality pets meant for breeding.

We recommend microchipping for all dogs and cats. Even the most loyal of pets can wander away, and pet theft is a growing issue throughout the country. All shelters throughout the country check pets for microchips when they first come in; this is the best way for your pet to be returned if it goes missing. We do microchipping in our office as a quick outpatient procedure, similar to giving your pet a vaccination.

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