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Services from Solomons Veterinary Medical Center

When you visit Solomons Veterinary Medical Center, our team goes to work to ensure you and your pet are given the very best level of care possible. We’re committed to providing you with personalized care and the highest quality of veterinarian service possible. We provide routine and emergency medical services for many pets. Let our experienced veterinarians help your pet as well.

Services at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center

Comprehensive Veterinary Services in Solomons

Our team provides most vet services that your pet may need in our Solomons office. Because you can get the care you need in one place, you don’t have to worry about ongoing problems, delays, or limited access to the care your pet requires. Below are some of the services you’ll find available to you.

Pet Wellness Exams

At the heart of our practice is providing wellness exams for pets. We recommend bringing your pet in to see our team at least one time every year for a routine physical, any medication adjustments, and for vaccinations. We work with dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets. 

Pet Surgery

When your pet needs a surgical procedure, you want only the best professionals helping you. We’re dedicated to making sure your pet gets that care. We provide for both immediate surgical procedures for emergent procedures as well as planned surgeries. This includes care at the highest level including laser surgery. This technique helps to reduce pain while speeding up recovery. We do most soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to gastrointestinal surgeries, bladder surgery, mass removals, declawing, and spays and neuters. 

Spaying and Neutering

We recommend spaying or neutering your pet. Not only does it help control the pet population, but it also helps to minimize the risk that your pet will be aggressive and, in some cases, it helps to lengthen their lifespan. This is also a good time to talk to our team about microchipping.


Pets need vaccinations on a routine basis to keep them healthy. We will work with you to get your pet caught up on the vaccines that are appropriate for them. Our goal is to ensure your pet’s health is maintained from the time they are young through their older years.

Pet Dental

Dental work is an important part of your pet's overall health regimen. We recommend getting a veterinary dental exam on an annual basis. For your convenience, it may be easier to schedule it with your annual wellness exam. We check for gum disease, signs of oral cancer, and rotting or broken teeth.

Additional Procedures Available from Your Veterinarian

Our team aids in answering questions and guiding the care of your pet. If your pet is ill or facing an emergency, bring him or her in right away. In other situations, call our office for an appointment. Our vet will recommend the best care possible for your animal’s needs. We can also help you with:

  • Pet disease prevention and treatment
  • Flea control
  • Pet dental care
  • Euthanasia
  • Hospice care
  • Pet nutrition and much more

If you are unsure if we can help you, give our team a call today. We’re happy to help you!

Schedule an Exam or Appointment with Your Solomons Veterinarian Today

Call Solomons Veterinary Medical Center today for an appointment. As a full-service veterinarian, we provide emergency vet care as well as wellness care. Call (410) 326-4300 for an appointment in our Solomons office.