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Euthanasia For Your Pet in Solomons

Your Solomons pet is a cherished friend and in many cases feels like a family member. Saying goodbye is never easy, but that time eventually comes for pet owners when illness or injury sometimes necessitates the need for euthanasia. That’s why it’s important to know when euthanasia is necessary, what the procedure involves, and how to cope with the process.

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Choosing When Euthanasia Is Appropriate in Solomons

It’s important to remember that for many pets, euthanasia is actually a gift. It’s a way to alleviate their pain and suffering. Animals like cats and dogs are often biologically programmed to hide the extent of their pain, which is an instinct still built in from their days in the wild. However, there are many instances when you should think about considering it may be time to schedule an appointment for euthanasia in Solomons.

  • A Clear Sign - Your animal may show signs of giving up, such as refusing food, has difficulty breathing, experiences frequent vomiting, or refusing to drink. In some cases, you pet may be even unable to stand. For some illnesses, these are clear signs that euthanasia may be the most compassionate way of dealing with your pet’s condition.

  • Ending the Suffering - You’ve decided you can’t watch your pet suffer anymore. You may have already tried treatments and your pet’s condition may be deteriorating. In these instances, euthanasia can help your pet end not only the suffering from their illness, but also sometimes the suffering certain repeated medical treatments can put them through.

  • Sudden And Dramatic Events - Sometimes accidents occur quickly, such as instances where your pet may have been run over. In such cases, your vet may openly explain to you that there is little they can do to help your pet and euthanasia is the best option to take your pet out of pain.

  • Expert Vet Advice - Expert advice from your veterinarian recommending euthanasia sometimes helps pet owners make a decision. If your pet is sick, this is probably one of the smartest ways to help you make a decision. Your vet has seen many different cases and illnesses, and will have a good idea of what your pet is facing.

  • Financial Reasons – Of course, there are sometimes financial considerations that pet owners have to face. If your pet is already suffering, and you are going through difficult events in your life from a financial standpoint, you may be simply unable to afford treatments like cancer therapy for your pet.

In many cases, pet owners want to put a good fight for their animal. This is perfectly understandable. However, in the event of a medical emergency, one of our vets from Solomons Veterinary Medical Center can help guide you towards the right course of action even though the ultimate decision is up to you.

Saying Goodbye

It’s important that you give every family member a chance to say goodbye if it’s possible, and explain to any children in the family about what is occurring to the pet in order to prepare them for the loss of a pet. You may witness the procedure, but in many cases it may be inappropriate for children to be present, as emotions may be running too high.  

Our Solomons Veterinarian and the Procedure

The actually euthanization is administered with sodium pentobarbital, which provides your pet with a painless end. The drug is administered with IV by a trained veterinarian and may also be accompanied by anesthetic, which is usually performed on pets that will not hold still. Once your pet passes, you may have a few minutes with your pet alone.

Ultimately, euthanasia is never an easy experience, but remains a valuable procedure that helps end the suffering of pets every year. If you have more questions or want to schedule an appointment for emergency animal care, contact us at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center at (410) 326-4300.