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Pet Dental Care With Your Solomons Veterinarian

Regular veterinary care with your Solomons veterinarian, to ensure that they are healthy and stay that way is part of the love and attention we lavish on our pets. They are part of our families, after all. That is why finding a good vet is just as important to most pet parents as finding a qualified, professional doctor for the humans in the house. We are the preferred veterinarian of many pet parents in the Solomons area. Our reputation is excellent, or track record and trustworthiness is stellar, and our clients tend to tell their friends and family about us. We promise you, you can trust your pet's wellbeing to us, and we will exceed your expectations.

dog with veterinarian in solomons getting pet dental services

Pet Dental Health With Your Solomons Veterianarian

Our pets need good dental care to be as healthy as they can be, just like us. It's an important part of your pet's overall health regimen, just like vaccines and annual exams. Here's what you need to know about pet dental health and care in Solomons.

How Often Does Your Pet Need a Veterinary Dental Exam?

Usually on an annual basis. This is slightly less often than the twice yearly checkups that are usually recommended for humans. If your pet has an annual wellness exam, which it should, you can easily incorporate a dental check into part of this exam. The exam allows us to check for signs of oral cancer in pets, as well as gum disease, and rotting or broken teeth.

If your pet is a senior animal, has a chronic dental issue, such as gum disease, or is a breed that is known to be more prone to dental issues than other breeds, we may recommend a twice yearly exam to keep on top of your pet's dental wellbeing.

Professional Cleaning for Your Pet's Teeth

This is a question pet parents often ask us, especially if they are already brushing their pet's teeth themselves regularly or semi-regularly at home. The answer is the same as why humans should get a professional cleaning once or twice a year.....professionals have the equipment necessary to give a thorough cleaning and remove hard plaque and tartar that a home brushing simply can't do. We can also get below the gum line with a professional cleaning, which helps prevent gum disease.

The only difference between a professional cleaning here and one you get yourself at your dentist is that we use general anesthesia on your pet during the cleaning, to keep them relaxed and still, which allows us to get the work done to the highest possible standard. Your pet will have a truly clean mouth after we clean it. We even offer a free nail trim the day of your pet's dental appointment.

Call Our Solomons Veterinarian Today To Schedule an Appointment!

If your pet has never had a dental exam, of if it's been a while since they had one, contact us for an appointment right away. We have frequent dental specials, so be sure to ask. We also offer a free two week dental recheck to make sure your pet's cleaning went well. Your pet's best health means getting regular dental exams and cleanings, so make the appointment today.

If it has been longer than 6 months since your pet's last dental exam, we will do a courtesy dental exam to see how things are looking with your pet's dental health. Call for an appointment.