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Spaying Services in Solomons 

Spaying is an important procedure for young female pets! As your pet's veterinarian in Solomons MD, we offer spaying services for cats and dogs. Spaying is important for pets for a variety of reasons. As a pet owner, it's important for you to understand the benefits of spaying, so you can decide whether or not spaying is right for your pet.

Spaying Services from your Solomons Veterinarian

Benefits of Spaying

There are many reasons to spay your pet in Solomons! Below are some of the most important reasons to spay your pet.

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies. One of the major obvious benefits of spaying your pet is the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. This can reduce veterinary bills and can prevent your household from dealing with the problems associated with unwanted pet pregnancies.
  • Population control. Preventing your pet from becoming pregnant can help prevent the pet population from growing out of control, thus keeping the number of pets in shelters at a minimum.
  • Less desire to roam. Pets who have not been spayed are more likely to roam from their home and family because the instinct to look for a mate can be very strong.
  • Decreased risk of mammary gland tumors or ovarian or uterine cancer. Spaying your pet at an early age can actually reduce your pet's risk for certain reproductive system-related diseases and cancers.
  • Preventing Pyometra. Also known as a uterine infection. 
  • Behavior benefits. Pets who have been spayed may have better and more manageable behavior.

When to Get Your Pet Spayed

Many pets are spayed when they eight weeks old. However, it's never too late to get your pet spayed. Even fully grown adult pets can be spayed, provided that they are healthy. However, some of the benefits of spaying your pet, such as reduced risk for mammary gland tumors and ovarian cancer, are not applicable for pets who are spayed later in life. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of spaying your pet, it's important to get him or her spayed at a young age. 

Spaying Procedure

The spaying procedure involves removal of the uterus and both ovaries. This is done by making an incision along the body's midline. After the surgery, your pet will need to rest and get less exercise than usual. We recommend 10 days of rest post surgery.

State of the Art Surgical Equipment

At Solomons Veterinary Medical Center, we have state of the art surgical equipment that can help make your pet's spaying procedure safe and comfortable. In addition, our experienced vet has performed this spaying surgery many times with good results.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Solomons

As your pet's veterinarian in Solomons, we can help your pet get the treatment he or she needs in order to stay healthy and avoid pet pregnancies. For more information about getting your pet spayed, contact us at (410) 326-4300.