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Pet Health and Wellness Exams

Your pet's wellness exams are an important part of his or her physical health and well-being. Regular vet exams can detect diseases before they do damage to your pet's major systems, and can extend the life of your pet by years. Wellness exams also help ensure that your pet has all the correct vaccines and that your pet is safe from the common diseases that affect pets of its type.

The Benefits of Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are doctor checkups for your pet. Many wellness exams begin like human checkups, with the vet performing a physical examination and determining whether or not your pet appears to be healthy. During a typical wellness exam, your pet will be inspected for health problems such as:

  • Dental disease
  • Age-related conditions
  • Weight problems
  • Parasites, fleas or ticks
  • Heart murmurs

Also during wellness exams, your pet's veterinarian may run tests. He or she might take your pet's urinalysis, heartworm check, x-rays, fecal exam and do other labs. Wellness exams focus on early detection and prevention, so your pet can stay well.

Once your pet has been thoroughly examined, the veterinarian may make recommendations for a healthier lifestyle for your pet. As pets age, they often need a more nutritious, low-fat diet or may need more structured exercise time to ensure that your pet stays heart healthy and happy. The more your pet goes in for wellness exams, the better off your pet will be.


Your pet will need a wellness exam at least once per year, but the older your pet gets, he or she may need more frequent wellness exams. Pets who develop health problems may be given a special exam schedule to follow. It's important to follow the recommendations of the vet to ensure that your pet is kept healthy. Once your pet's exam has been scheduled, do your best to keep the exam because this ensures that your pet's regular care is administered when needed.


If special tests are going to be administered for your pet's wellness exam, you may be asked to withhold food from your pet the night before. Your pet's veterinarian may also ask you to bring in one of your pet's stool samples. If you're not sure how your pet needs to be prepared before he or she has a wellness exam, contact your pet's vet for more information. Proper preparation is very important to ensure that your pet gets all the right care at the right times.

To schedule your pet's next wellness exam or to find out how you can prepare for your pet's upcoming exam, contact Solomons Veterinary Medical Center. Solomons Veterinary Medical Center is proud to service people in the area around Prince Frederick, Brooms Island, Port Republic, St. Mary's, Dowell, Lusby, St. Leonard and California, MD. Our skilled and caring professionals want the best for you and your pet, so call us today for an appointment at (410) 326-4300.