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Canine Vaccines in Maryland

Vaccines are an important part of your dog's overall health. While no vaccine can be 100 percent effective, they all serve to prevent a great majority of the diseases your dog may come in contact with. Our veterinary team advises you to bring in your puppy for a series of vaccinations beginning at six weeks old. Once the initial vaccine series is finished, we recommend you have your dog inoculated once a year with booster shots.

female veterinarian with dogVaccines differ, depending on the disease they mean to prevent. Some are core vaccines, which every dog should receive. Some core vaccines are even required by law for the surrounding neighborhoods of Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD. Other vaccines, the non-core ones, are needed depending on your dog's lifestyle. Our Solomons veterinarian will advise you which of these your dog will need.

Core Vaccines

Rabies - Rabies is among the most serious of canine diseases. It's dangerous to the population and deadly in dogs. Because of the real danger that rabies poses, rabies vaccinations are required by law in Maryland. Your dog will need one vaccine while it's a puppy, another a year later, and a booster shot every three years for the rest of its life.

DAP - This vaccine is a mixture of prevention against canine distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus. It needs to be given to each dog while it's a puppy, before the puppy's immune system has matured. DAP vaccine is boostered once every three years.

Non-Core Vaccines

Lyme- In Maryland, the deer tick is a common vector for Lyme disease. If your dog frequently spends time outdoors, it needs Lyme disease prevention. It is important for most dogs in our area. Revaccination is advised every year to boost your dog's immunity to Lyme disease.

Bordetella and Parainfluenza - These two germs combine to produce the disease known as 'kennel cough." Pets who spend a lot of time around other dogs, such as those who frequent dog parks or those that are boarded in kennels, are required to receive this vaccine. In fact, many kennels won't allow your dog to board without proof of this vaccine.

Leptospirosis - This is a bacterial organism that dogs catch by coming in contact with infected urine. Dogs that spend a lot of time outside, especially those near water or muddy land need regular vaccines against this disease. It can be passed to people and cause serious illness. Most dogs are at risk and should be vaccinated.

Canine Influenza - Just like human influenza, different strains appear each year. Dogs that spend time with other dogs should receive this vaccine.

It's sometimes difficult to determine exactly which vaccines your dog needs each year. Please call our office with any questions you may have, or to make an appointment for your dog to start receiving immunization. Our dedicated team is determined to keep your dog happy and healthy, and the first step is information.

For more information about canine vaccines for the surrounding neighborhoods of Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, as well as California, MD, give us a call today at (410) 326-4300!