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Feline Vaccine’s in Solomons, MD

Core cat vaccines are recommended for all cats regardless of risk factor. Core vaccines are administered by our Solomons veterinarian between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks. If you have a question about your feline's vaccination records or about starting a vaccination schedule, you can call our veterinary medical center for more information.

Core Cat Vaccines for Solomons, Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD

two small black and white kittensRabies - Rabies is a viral disease that attacks your feline's central nervous system. There is no cure, and the only prevention available is via the rabies' vaccine. Once your feline becomes infected, rabies is 100 percent fatal.

Feline Distemper - Feline distemper or Panleukopenia is more common in kittens than older cats. It is a serious, highly-contagious disease that causes anemia and increases your feline's risk of acquiring other diseases and infections.

Feline Herpes - Feline herpes is a virus that causes respiratory infections. It is most commonly transmitted through feline to feline contact or through the use of shared litter boxes. Most cats come in contact with this virus at some point in their lives.

Non-Core Cat Vaccines for Solomons, Lusby, Broomes Island, Dowell, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, and California, MD

Non-core cat vaccines are recommended for cats that are deemed high-risk. Our veterinarians typically recommends non-core vaccines for cats that are kenneled often, in constant contact with other cats and who live in high-risk locations.

Bordetella – Bordetella causes coughing and sneezing, and the infection is transmitted via the droplets. It is commonly found in kennels, rescues and shelters, where the pets have not been vaccinated, which is why it is frequently called kennel cough.

ginger catChlamydophila Felis - Chlamydophila felis is recommended for multi-feline households and cats that are frequently in contact with other cats. It is a bacterium that causes eye infections. If left untreated, the infection can last two months, and your feline can remain contagious for months after the initial signs of infection have dissipated.

FeLV - Feline Leukemia Virus or FeLV is a retrovirus. The virus is transmitted by close contact between cats. It causes loss of appetite, fevers, enlarged lymph nodes and diarrhea. If left untreated, it can cause cancer.

FIV – FIV or feline immunodeficiency virus is a slow moving virus that negatively affects your cat's immune system. It is similar to FeLV, except it is more elongated than circular when viewed under a microscope. It causes a slow but progressive deterioration in health and can make your feline more susceptible to other infections. Testing can determine if your feline has FIV. If your cat does not have FIV and is deemed high-risk, getting your cat a vaccine is the best form of prevention.

Visit Our Solomons Veterinarians Today!

To schedule your feline's yearly vaccinations, call our veterinary office at (410) 326-4300. Our veterinarians serve the entire community of Solomons and the surrounding areas, including Port Republic, St. Leonard, St. Mary's, Prince Frederick, Dowel, Lusby, Broomes Island and California.